Mango-Chutney for that special kick

9. March 2021

The small, subtle difference.

In times of the pandemic, cooking at home has become more and more established. A beautiful thing, if some things were not so difficult to make!

Because to create the perfect dish, you need the right amount of spiciness, sweetness, seasoning and that special kick that turns an ordinary meal into pure pleasure.

I am happy to help you here, because I have come up with little additions that will enhance any of your dishes with great effect.

One of them is my Mango-Chutney.
The chutney is prepared with mango, pumpkin, dates and ginger, seasoned with balsamic vinegar, ginger and white wine.

You can get the small jar with 300g for € 5.
You can get the large jar with 450g for € 7.

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