We only use regional products for the preparation of our dishes. Our service staff will be happy to inform you about our seasonal daily recommendation. We pay attention to short delivery routes and local producers. 

As host and chef, I am very pleased to welcome you here in my restaurant. I cook traditional dishes with a modern twist for you and pay special attention to your well-being. The dishes are therefore cooked gently and at a low temperature, so that all the ingredients and vitamins are preserved.. 

Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to conveniently take food home.

Our homemade aperitifs

can be served with dry sparkling wine, vodka or Silva.


€ 6,9


€ 6,9

Place setting

Pumpkin seed mince/ pastry (p.p.)
Homemade vegetarian curd cheese spread (A, C, G, H)
€ 3,2


Seasonal salad "Styrian", pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seed croutons (A, C, G, H, O)

€ 7,5

Mixed side salad with pumpkin seed oil (C, G, H, O)

€ 5.9


Hearty Tafelspitz bouillon: Viennese garnish of your choice (C, G, L)

€ 4,9

Seasonal delicacy cream soup (C, G, H)

€ 6,2

Old Viennese soup pot with baked marrow bread (A, C, G, H)

€ 8,9


Beef tatar with rucola cream and buttered toast (A, C, G, H, M)

€ 14,8

Sheep's cheese and Wasabi mousse with avocado, paprika chilli and pear-chutney (C, G, H)

€ 13.9

Smoked trout mousse on paprika carpaccio, caviar, beetroot and leaf salad (C, D, G, H)

€ 13.9

Main courses

Boiled beef au gratin with horseradish, creamed spinach and „Rösti“ (C, G, L, M)

€ 22,9

Original Viennese veal escalope with two kinds of potatoes (A, C, G, H)

€ 22,6

Trout roasted whole (boned) with lemon nutmeg butter and parsley potatoes (D, G)

€ 22

Spinach and sheep's cheese pancake on paprika cream and leaf salad (A, C, F, G, H)

€ 16,8

Crispy duck leg au gratin with apple red cabbage and walnut napkin dumplings (A, C, F, G, H)

€ 24,5


Sweet wine recommendation: "Beerenauslese" from Burgenland (A)

€ 6,5

Pancakes with homemade curd cream (A, C, G)

€ 7,9

Traditional pancakes with apricot jam and a touch of rum (A, C, G)

€ 7,9

Melty chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and fruits (A, C, G, O)

€ 9,8

Gingerbread parfait with berry ragout and cinnamon whipped cream (A, C, G)

€ 12,5

Viennese Kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce and plum roast (A, C, G)

€ 13,5

Fruity sorbet with dry sparkling wine, Silva or vodka

€ 8